The New SIGN Catalog by Costantini Pietro

Costantini Pietro proudly unveils SIGN, a fresh catalog showcasing the distinct collections from Giuseppe Viganò, complemented by a curated selection of prestigious designs. Cover to cover, it features daring designs tailored to commercial and residential settings.

Harmonious and Original Collections

The SIGN collection — featuring tables, chairs, storage solutions, and decorative accents — is crafted to retain its unique charm over time. Each piece is either a standout on its own or can seamlessly integrate with other items from the collection, all thanks to the pervasive harmony that makes the SIGN line stand out.


 The Invaluable Touch of Style

The materials incorporated into the SIGN collections are the result of intentional choices. Our in-house research taps into profound insights about the properties and capabilities of woods and metals, especially in shaping ambitious designs. Our meticulous approach shines through in the lacquer finishes, expertly applied to any surface, making it flawless, exact, and unique.

Giuseppe Viganò

Giuseppe Viganò’s signature style stands out through his innovative experimentation. He often starts by pushing materials to their limits and breathes life into collections abundant in harmony. Despite this, every piece retains a distinct identity. The minimalist designs are elevated by dimensions, choice of materials, and finishes, resulting from a detailed design plan focusing on functionality, resilience, adaptability, and personalization.

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