The Grande table. Grand by name, grand by nature

Majestic and sophisticated, the modular Grande table extends to an impressive length, making it the perfect solution for furnishing a large living space.

Sculptural and imposing, Grande creates strong visual impact with its solid oval legs.

Available in prized natural wood types, the table illuminates the room with its precious stainless steel details, expertly applied on the tabletop and leg bases with meticulous craftsmanship.

In this majestic dining room area, the contemporary design of Grande is matched with the soft lines of the Vera chair.

The product of fine craftsmanship, the Vera chair guarantees supreme comfort with its generously padded backrest.

Put together with the Bellagio seat, the Grande table achieves the ultimate in contemporary elegance.

Bellagio’s solid wood structure and richly luxurious velvet-covered seat give the room a modern, refined style.

The chromed detail on the backrest adds extra luxury to the overall look, bringing gleaming light into the arrangement.