DESIGNER: Stefano Spessotto

A customizable chair with a wooden frame and soft and comfortable padding. A unique element embellished by oval metal details connects seat and backrest.

AR KIT TEST (funziona solo con iOS - iPad / iPhone iOS 12+)


The Tweet chair design by Stefano Spessotto for Costantini Pietro embodies a combination of stylistic and functional exploration techniques.

Tweet: exclusive character

The supporting structure consists of two solid and linear front legs to which a third element is added at the back, thus fastening the seat and backrest together. Oval-shaped metal elements represent a precious detail that completes the composition with a unique and elegant touch. The solidity of the Tweet’s structure blends seamlessly with the plush padding, providing comfort on the broad seat and resting against the semi-circular backrest. Tweet is available in various wood types and finishes, in a wide range of fabrics and leathers, with the possibility of customizations.

(cm-inch) COD H D W SH
S side chair 9424S 78 60 56 47


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