DESIGNER: Costantini IDS

Linear design where the perfect geometry of the shapes stands out.

AR KIT TEST (funziona solo con iOS - iPad / iPhone iOS 12+)

Solution: linear design

In the Solution table, elegance becomes functional, and the design meets every size requirement. It is versatile because it is designed to provide intelligent and practical solutions while maintaining uncompromising elegance. Thanks to its modular configuration, this table features an extendable top that adapt effortlessly to various scenarios as needed.

The perfect geometry of shapes

The linear design of the Solution table highlights the perfect geometry of its shapes, with rectangular elements repeated in a rhythmic balance that provides stability. The base is embellished with exquisite metal details, and the tabletop is available in various finishes, complementing the design of any setting.
Designed for maximum flexibility in customization, both in length and width, the Solution table is crafted from high-quality materials with artisan attention to detail, representing the happy combination of practicality and charm.

Custom Size Only

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