DESIGNER: Costantini IDS

This modular table made in the most precious wood species and supported by three robust sculpted oval legs is complete with sophisticated stainless steel details.

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Grande: great beauty, quality, and size

The Grande table introduces itself as a monumental sculpture. It embodies the harmony of the essentials, with a refined design built on clean lines. Impeccable geometry lends this table a discreet yet irresistible elegance. This piece of furniture celebrates the beauty of simplicity, showcasing how even a straightforward design can be extraordinarily sophisticated and precious.
This table elegantly fits into modern and contemporary spaces, becoming the focal point of gatherings and conviviality.

Sophisticated details and precious wood

Sophisticated stainless steel details characterize the Grande table, crafted in the most precious wood and supported by three robust sculptural oval legs. Its formal purity and the quality of materials used make it a precious element created to endure over time.
With its contemporary design and substantial dimensions, this modular table is well-suited to meet the requirements for considerable lengths and widths.

(cm – inch) COD. L W H
T table 9271T 240 – 94 1/2 130 – 51 1/4 76 – 30
Modular element 120 – 47 1/4 130 – 51 1/4 76 – 30


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