DESIGNER: T. Paoloni

A solid beechwood stool that commands immediate attention with its unusual back made up of curved horizontal wooden slats.

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Charm: beauty in its original form

Charm transcends the boundaries of a mere stool; it is a captivating embodiment of a sophisticated and original design. Its solid beech wood structure creates an unexpected visual impact, with an unconventional backrest made of curved horizontal wooden slats. The simplicity of its lines reflects a contemporary aesthetic while highlighting the excellence of materials and craftsmanship.

A charming stool that catches the eye

The elegant and curved lines seamlessly merge with the robust structure, offering an unparalleled seating experience. Its sophisticated presence radiates a sense of modern elegance and style in any setting, effortlessly harmonizing with various upholstery options such as fabrics, leathers, and leatherettes. The slender legs contribute a lightweight touch to the stool, while the generous cushioning creates a captivating game of contrasts.
Customizable with a broad selection of fabrics, leathers, and leatherettes, Charm gracefully adapts to any space, adding a touch of contemporary elegance and style.
Additionally, Charm is available in chair and lounger versions.

S side chair 9163S 91 – 35 3/4 59 – 23 1/4 48,5 – 19 46 – 18
B barstool 9163B 113 – 44 1/2 55,5 – 21 3/4 47 – 18 1/2 78 – 30 3/4
C counterstool 9163C 105 – 41 1/2 55,5 – 21 3/4 47 – 18 1/2 70 – 27 1/2
L lounge 9163L 78 – 30 3/4 65 – 25 1/2 70 – 27 1/2 44 – 18

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