DESIGNER: Costantini IDS

The soft padding on the seat and back makes this generously sized solid wood 3-seater sofa the ideal occasional piece for anyone seeking modern design without skimping on comfort.

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Milady: all the charm of a sophisticated and refined style

The Milady three-seater sofa boasts generous dimensions, making it the perfect furniture addition for those seeking comfort and a refined, modern design. The original vertical stitching adorning the ample and padded backrest showcases the craftsmanship and uniqueness of this exclusive furniture piece. The plush seat and backrest cushions convey a sense of pleasantness, inviting users to a moment of pure relaxation.

Style withstands the test of time

The Milady sofa perfectly balances simplicity and elegance, defining its distinctive style. Supported by a sturdy solid wood frame, this sofa ensures maximum comfort through its soft padding. Every detail reveals a keen attention to detail and high-quality craftsmanship, dedicating mastery to this seating.
The Milady model is also available in chair and lounger versions, with numerous leather and fabric covering options.

(cm – inch) COD. H D W SH
L lounge 9262L 78 – 30 3/4 81 – 32 85 – 33 1/2 43 – 17
LS love seat 9262LS 80 – 31 1/2 90 – 35 1/2 180 – 70 3/4 43 – 17
S side chair 9262S 90 – 35 1/2 61 – 24 60 – 23 1/2 46 – 18

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