DESIGNER: G. Soressi

A sofa whose soft lines are set off by a solid wood trim, making this a unique and exclusive piece of furniture.

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Ego: abundant softness

The Ego sofa is a celebration of beauty and exudes an unmistakable charm. Every detail of this majestic design piece embodies the elegance and authority of high-end furnishings. Its imposing structure, crafted with exquisite materials, draws the gaze and exudes power and sophistication. The soft lines of the sofa are adorned with a solid wood frame, making it a unique and exclusive component.

Luxury and Comfort

The opulence of the design, rich with sophisticated details, is complemented by exceptional comfort, thanks to the abundance of cushions that define the Ego sofa. This sofa represents the perfect union of shape and function, providing an unmatched seating experience.
Ego is available in a variety of upholstery options, including leathers and fabrics, allowing for personalized customization to suit individual preferences. Whether placed in a luxury lounge or an elegant reception area, Ego gracefully adapts to any environment, becoming the undisputed focal point.

(cm – inch) COD. W D H
SO sofa 9008ST 250 – 98 1/2 106 – 41 3/4 65 – 25 1/2
SO sofa 9008UR 210 – 82 3/4 106 – 41 3/4 65 – 25 1/2

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