DESIGNER: G. Soressi

Modern, geometric, sculptural beauty. This console table is the utmost expression of elegance and sleek contours.

AR KIT TEST (funziona solo con iOS - iPad / iPhone iOS 12+)

Blade: contemporary, geometric, and artistic

The Blade console defies tradition with a modern and cutting-edge geometric-inspired structure. It becomes an architectural focal point wherever it is placed, thanks to its base constructed from overlapping rectangular shapes, stemming from a coherent and strong rationality. The result is a dynamic and precise design.

Elegance and Linearity

Contemporary, geometric, and sculptural, this console represents elegance and linearity. The console’s top is supported by intersecting frames and materials – metal, solid wood, and leather – all crafted with exceptional artisan skill. Blade is available in different wood types, and its dimensions can be customized upon request.
Blade is also offered in a table version.

(cm – inch) COD. L W H
CL console 9333CL 180 – 70 3/4 40 – 15 3/4 76 – 30


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