Lui – Planet

Lui – Planet

DESIGNER: G. Soressi

This rather original coffee table in wood or lacquer finish has an intriguingly long ellipse shape with bevelled edges.

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Lui & Planet, the embodiment of refined elegance

Lui is an intriguing and original side table, available in wood or lacquered finish. The elongated and gently tapered elliptical shape of Lui and the various finish options for the metal base imbue this side table with a distinctive sense of class and sophistication. The circular shapes of Planet make this coffee table the perfect pairing to enhance any space.

Planet: the charm of a circular coffee table

The circular coffee table, Planet, is the ideal companion to Lui, forming a dynamic duo that elevates any space. With its harmonious design and circular shape, the Planet coffee table introduces a captivating blend of charm and elegance to living areas.

(cm – inch) COD. DIAM. H
PLANET CT coffee table 9282CT Ø80 – Ø31,5 40 – 15 3/4


(cm – inch) COD. L D H
LUI CT coffee table 9281CT 180 – 70 3/4 30 – 11 3/4 64 – 25 1/4




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