Chelsea – Tribeca

Chelsea – Tribeca

DESIGNER: G. Soressi

The asymmetric shape and sleek design of this contemporary style coffee table is completed with eye-catching details. Chelsea is available in multiple finishes including matt and gloss wood, and also gloss lacquer.

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Chelsea & Tribeca: the essence of modern metropolitan elegance

The Chelsea & Tribeca duo of coffee tables showcases asymmetric shapes and clean lines for a modern style with charming details. It is an innovative approach that embellishes any space through modern taste and sensibility. The fusion of premium materials and contrasting lines turns these tables into a tangible representation of urban chic, translated into an elegant and contemporary shape.

The harmony of organic shapes

With their organic profiles, the tabletops complement the bases’ straightforward and geometric design, consisting of a cone crafted from wood or metal.
The silhouettes of the tabletops, one rounded and the other sharp, make this duo a beautiful addition to the decor of any contemporary room. The resilient and captivating materials represent a long-lasting choice, showcasing the wonders of Italian craftsmanship.
Chelsea & Tribeca are available in various finishes, including matte wood, glossy wood, and high-gloss lacquer.

(cm – inch) COD. L W H
CHELSEA CT coffee table 9310CT 100 – 39 1/4 96 – 37 3/4 36 – 14 1/4
TRIBECA CT coffee table 9315CT 140 – 55 63 – 24 3/4 26 – 10


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