DESIGNER: G. Soressi

The bold design of this table is an hourglass shape with straight, simple geometric lines. This modern, minimal piece of furniture is available in a range of wood species.


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Capital: luxurious geometries

With its bold design, the Capital coffee table features an hourglass shape created by straight and essential geometric lines. It stands out in any modern living area with its linear profile that challenges tradition. The intriguing structure is a modern masterpiece that blends art with functionality, giving rise to a rational yet playful shape. The two inverted cones placed one upon the other provide a focal point of refined beauty in the environment.

Sculptural details and surprising functionality

The Capital coffee table combines style with ingenuity. Its structure is a celebration of clean lines and elegant shapes, where the art of design blends seamlessly with everyday use. Capital embodies contemporary aesthetics, comprising a sturdy base that turns into a refined surface. The balance between concept and function is the hallmark of this table, symbolizing both sophistication and practicality.
Capital is available in various wood finishes, both matte and glossy, for a versatile look.

(cm – inch) COD. DIAM. H
CT lamp table 9308CT Ø51 – Ø20 48 – 18 3/4


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