DESIGNER: Giuseppe Viganò

The Suit chair, designed by Giuseppe Viganò, is a masterpiece of harmony between elegance and comfort.

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This creation is distinguished by the harmonious game of proportions between the legs and the backrest, resulting in a seat that exudes an unforgettable aura of sophistication while ensuring ergonomic functionality.
Made entirely of beech wood, Suit features soft padding, providing an all-enveloping and comfortable seating experience.

Perfect for any environment, the Suit chair is available in a wide range of colors and can be customized with fine fabrics or leathers.
The sharp and tapered legs, expertly curved inwards, ensure seat stability. The enveloping backrest, complete with integrated armrests, provides support to the lower back, ensuring unmatched comfort. The inclusion of an opening in the backrest, which features fluid and sleek lines, creates a feeling of lightness and enhances Suit’s mobility within spaces.

(cm – inch) H D W SH
arm chair 81 – 31 3/4 56,5 – 22 1/4 61 – 24 47 – 18 1/2


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