DESIGNER: Stefano Spessotto

With soft contours but bold design, Layla is the product of a contemporary interpretation of the combination of Liberty style and curved wood

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Layla: soft lines and bold character

This chair with soft lines draws inspiration from the renowned Thonet chair and reinterprets it in a modern key, resulting in a truly distinctive piece of furniture. The combination of Liberty-style influences and curved wood defines Layla’s unique design. Its curvy forms harmoniously converge, exuding grace and charm, while the solid and minimalist structure catches the eye. Layla represents an exclusive design that irresistibly invites everyone to indulge in ultimate comfort.

Charming aesthetics

Layla, with its wooden legs, features an unexpected and contemporary metallic detail, extending upwards to form the backrest. The gentle curve of the chair creates a convenient handle, adding an element of elegance to its mobility. In the armchair version, the integrated armrests seamlessly blend into the structure, maintaining a visually light and minimalistic appearance while providing a spacious and comfortable seating experience.
Layla is available in various finishes, catering to the needs of individuals who appreciate refined materials and cutting-edge design.

S sedia 9390S 90 – 35 1/2 65 – 25 1/2 56 – 22 46 – 18 68 – 26 3/4

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