DESIGNER: V. Balutto

A gracefully elongated padded backrest with a curved profile make this piece an unforgettable showstopper.

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Grace: the harmony of design

The Grace chair, created through Costantini Pietro’s meticulous design process, brilliantly embodies the timeless philosophy of enduring beauty. Like a symphony of flowing lines and exquisite materials, Grace captures the essence of sophisticated elegance and conveys it through every curvilinear detail.
Whether used to enhance a living space or serve as a distinctive element in a dining room, Grace creates an unforgettable and beautiful visual impact with its tall, slender, and upholstered backrest.

Refined comfort for formal dining occasions

The Grace chair gracefully welcomes anyone who takes a seat upon it, with its impeccable fluidity and curvilinear profile that exudes a sense of smooth and harmonious movement. The sturdy solid wood structure, expertly finished, provides a strong foundation on which the luxury upholstery options, available in a selection of fine fabrics and leathers, rest.
When seated on Grace, one feels embraced by a lavish sense of comfort. The soft padding, crafted with meticulous artisan care, envelops the body with an impeccable sensation of softness and support. The precisely engineered ergonomics allow for relaxation with style, while the design, inspired by the vision of talented architects, establishes Grace as a true embodiment of the transitional style.

(cm – inch) COD. H D W SH
S side chair 9261S 102 – 40 1/4 63 – 25 51 – 20 47 – 18 1/2


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