DESIGNER: G. Soressi

A chair that experiments with the magic of forms and transparent effects. The curved polycarbonate backrest appears to disappear, so that Calypso blends effortlessly into the background and adapts perfectly to any space, with an added touch of class. Calypso is also available in the fully upholstered version.

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Calipso: the art of showcasing beauty

Through its unique blend of materials and harmoniously combined shapes, this chair exudes a modern and captivating charm that conquers the senses. As its namesake, the nymph Calypso from Greek mythology, it seamlessly integrates into any environment, becoming one with its surroundings. The gracefully curved backrest, crafted from transparent polycarbonate, seems to vanish, allowing Calipso to blend into its surroundings.

When design embraces style

Calipso is a seating masterpiece that artfully plays with shapes and transparencies, infusing sophistication into every environment. When placed around a large table, it elevates the table’s presence, allowing it to shine as the focal point.
In its fully upholstered version, Calipso becomes a striking element that commands attention in its own right.

(cm – inch) COD. H D W SH
S 9375S 87 – 34 1/4 58 – 22 3/4 49- 19 1/2 47 – 18 1/2


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