DESIGNER: Giuseppe Viganò

A curvy high-back chair which exudes timeless elegance.

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The all-embracing elegance of Altea

Altea is a modern chair with a captivating style showing off in the curvy lines of its tall and all-embracing backrest. Every detail of this product, created with Italian craftsmanship, is designed to ensure a pleasant visual experience. The solid and well-proportioned structure showcases exceptional craftsmanship, resulting in a chair with a distinguished design that leaves a lasting impression of refined beauty in any environment. Curved wooden slats embrace the metal legs, creating a mix of materials that convey warmth to the base and a sophisticated appearance to the whole.

A blend of uncompromising comfort and style

Altea offers exceptional comfort. Its enveloping seat welcomes the body in a soft and supportive embrace. The skillful combination of high-quality padding and fine fabrics ensures a feeling of well-being. Every detail, from accurate stitching to ergonomic design, has been designed to offer maximum comfort without sacrificing sophistication. Altea embodies modern and timeless beauty, harmoniously combined with functionality.

(cm-inch) COD. H D W SH
Side Chair 9397S 100 – 39 1/4 63 – 243/4 48 – 19 46 – 18

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