DESIGNER: Giuseppe Viganò

The Ufo sideboard, created by designer Giuseppe Viganò, challenges the rules of traditional rectangular design with its sharp and orderly lines.

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The versatility and adaptability of this sideboard make it ideal for any modern space, whether for business or residential.

The Ufo sideboard is an explosion of personality thanks to the skillful combination of materials and shapes. The starting point is wood, the key for constructing the structure and the supporting base. For unique customization, the outer surface is available in various finishes, from lacquering to wood veneers.

Ufo, with its sleek, tapered design inspired by UFOs’ iconic shape and a nearly three-meter length, it embodies a perfect balance of dynamism and volume. From the projecting support base to the recessed platform in relation to the structure’s perimeter, every detail has been meticulously crafted to provide an extraordinary visual experience.

The Ufo sideboard commands a majestic presence. With its gracefully curved lines, defying the traditional rectangular shape, the Ufo sideboard becomes a distinctive and defining element in any space.

(cm – inch) L D H
ufo buffet 270 – 106 1/2 51 – 20 75 – 29 1/2


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