DESIGNER: G. Soressi

This 4-door buffet with simple design and squared lines is available in wood and lacquered wood.

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Ambassador: elegance is the password

Ambassador is a four-door sideboard that blends modern and clean lines with a precious detail reminiscent of a distinguished tradition. The result is a transitional style design that transforms any space into a timeless luxury environment. With its sophisticated flair, this sideboard becomes a symbol of prestige. The almost minimalist design combines exquisite materials and impeccable details, creating a work of art in furnishings.

Refined craftsmanship

The Ambassador sideboard embodies noble and refined elegance. Its four rounded feet, entirely adorned with hand-blown Murano glass, showcase the finest Italian craftsmanship.
Ambassador is a statement of taste, available in natural and lacquered finishes. Its geometric shape and precise lines create a visually striking impact of extraordinary beauty. The masterfully curated details add a touch of luxury, making this sideboard a distinctive element in interior decor.

(cm – inch) COD. L W H
M buffet 9268M 220 – 86 3/4 57 – 22 1/2 76 – 30


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