DESIGNER: G. Soressi

This mobile bar boasts a stunning design with a structure in lacquer finish, pocket door fronts in wood and a stainless steel base.

AR KIT TEST (funziona solo con iOS - iPad / iPhone iOS 12+)

Elite: high aesthetic value

The Elite bar cabinet perfectly expresses the merging of modern and contemporary styles. Its simple design with clean and bold lines gives it a current look that renews with every glance. The high aesthetic value of this design element is achieved through meticulous attention to detail, allowing this bar cabinet to embody the spirit of the most refined savoir-faire.

Attention to Detail

The structure of Elite is lacquered, the base is made of stainless steel, the pocket door doors are crafted from fine wood, and the interior features super mirror steel. Different materials come together in a piece representing Eastern design and the finest Italian craftsmanship.
Great care is given to every detail: the square handle, made of metal, creates a contrasting effect with the texture of the asymmetrical doors, making it the embodiment of a bold and modern style.

(cm – inch) COD. L H D
SC bar cabinet 9277SC 90 – 35 1/2 170 – 67 45 – 17 3/4


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