Our idea of a living room

Stefano Spessotto designer

Furnishing as a protagonist,

yet not an eccentric one

«I like the idea of furnishing taking center stage, much like the face of a person. However, I do not appreciate anonymous objects, nor those that are overly eccentric or provocative, to the point of failing to convey meaning.

The need to instill a “sense of balance” in objects leads me to look at the imperfect side of things as their divergence from the norm creates a genuine and ever-changing curiosity. And this takes place within a fluid era where spaces offer greater versatility and luxury is not solely a matter of dimensions».

Charlie Table / Emily Chair

Costantini IDS

Universal comfort

and conviviality

«We live in an age where the passage of time keeps adopting a consistently new rhythm and where people’s expectations for universal comfort and conviviality exceed mere necessity. The choice of shapes, colors, and materials often serves as a complement to identity.

Accurate customization and flexibility in implementation expand the expressive capabilities of wood, ceramic, and glass, whose surfaces invite tactile exploration. Colors tend to be relaxing and light while the finishes matte and sophisticated».

Liberty Table / Komfy Chair

Giuseppe Viganò designer

The home as an active

participant in social dynamics

«The living spaces have accelerated their evolution, and the pandemic blurred the line between functions and use. Social interactions have migrated significantly indoors through the use of devices, leading to greater awareness of what surrounds us in the home.

What we project externally through our house contributes to our daily social interactions through furnishings, plants, and charming glimpses. The materials are a backdrop, highlighting newfound accuracy and increased sensitivity towards space and color».

Ufo Table / Otto Chair


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