Materials, From Design to Exclusive Manufacturing

Full Customization by Costantini Pietro

Costantini Pietro’s collections stand the test of time thanks to their strong character and unmatched personalization.
Expertly crafted fabrics, metals, and leathers are embellished with intricate details, which can also be applied to individual elements for truly unique creations.
The Customer Own Material projects brilliantly embody the iconic features of commercial brands, using materials supplied directly by the clients.

40 Types of Made-in-Italy Fabrics

Enjoy the freedom to create innovative combinations of exceptional quality, even in terms of technical performance. The new Made in Italy Performance Fabrics boast enhanced durability, stain resistance, and fireproof features.


50 Leather and Nubuck Colors

The leather and nubuck options are soft and delicate to the touch and boast flawless aesthetics, having been meticulously crafted and checked by skilled artisans. They are more than mere materials; they embody Made in Italy at its finest.


30 Fine Finishes for the Structural Elements

The wooden frames in the Costantini Pietro’s collections offer endless possibilities, available in thirty shades of colors among wood, finishes, and lacquers, perfect to meet the specific needs of every project.

5 Galvanic Metal Finishes

The metal structures also stand out as critical elements and allow elevating simple designs into masterpieces of knowledge and technique, ranging from polished to satin finishes, including dazzling champagne ones.

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