IDS Costantini Inner Design Studio

Designing side-by-side with the market: Costantini Inner Design Studio

IDS – Costantini Inner Design Studio is our in-house department dedicated to the R&D of seating solutions, tables, and accessories for the business and residential sectors. From the initial concept to the creation of prototypes and, ultimately, the final production, every IDS creation is born out of a meticulous analysis of the customer’s needs.

Collections designed to interpret change

We believe that effective collaboration with companies knowledgeable about the specific characteristics of the international markets is crucial when designing interior environments. Thanks to the expertise and fast response that Costantini Inner Design Studio can provide, designers can consistently deliver innovative and perfectly tailored projects.


Discover the spirit of our collections

Komfy Chair / Liberty Table


Concept Chair / Solid Table


Scanone Chair e Shell Lounge

Shell Collection


Grande Table

Why design with us

The Costantini Inner Design Studio’s collections are crafted to ensure the success of both residential and business interior design projects. Our collections comprise practical proposals that have been thoughtfully developed by our team of in-house professionals. These experts constantly collaborate with sellers and designers, delivering innovative solutions in terms of materials and processes.

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