Designing with modular and extra-size tables

Costantini Pietro’s modular tables offer maximum design freedom while consistently featuring their unmatched style. The geometric and minimalist design highlights the substantial scale these sculptural furniture pieces can achieve.

A sophisticated approach that Costantini Pietro has honed with expertise over a century, staying true to the authentic Made in Italy tradition.

The “Grande” table

“Grande” is a modular table-sculpture masterpiece that charms with its understated elegance and surprises with the expansive dimensions it can reach.
Its structure has been designed to accommodate the addition of modular sections to the fixed components at the table’s ends, perfect for a seamless extension. Each module with a top and supporting base matches the distinctive oval-shaped legs, ensuring aesthetic consistency.

With options ranging from natural woods to glossy or matte finishes, the “Grande” table transforms premium residential areas and venues for significant public gatherings.

The “Solution” Table

It is an ingenious and practical solution for a flexible table that is adaptable to any design need. “Solution” with its robust elegance and a design of great visual impact features modules adjustable in length and width for achieving any desired table top size.

The legs are characterized by charming geometry highlighted by refined metal accents. With an extensive selection of woods and fifteen finish options, from glossy to matte, the “Solution” table showcases exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail, perfect for supporting the design of interior spaces with utmost flexibility.


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