Costantini Pietro | Right in the Heart of the Chair-Making District

The legacy of Costantini Pietro spans over a century. It finds its origins right in the heart of the Chair-Making District, a production hub that has charmed the world. This district has played a crucial role in defining the furniture industry’s character, demonstrating its deeply-rooted commitment to quality and expressive diversity. Costantini Pietro and the Chair-Making District’s tales are timeless, echoing shared values that rejuvenate the true spirit of authentic Made in Italy.

The Passion for Creating

What is Beautiful

More than a mere production hub, this district represented a fertile ground for the growth of both small and large entrepreneurs, united by their shared commitment to excellence reflected in the Italian saying: fare, e fare bene.  
The journey began with modest basket-weaving workshops in the late 1700s, evolving through the arrival of artisan businesses in the 19th and early 20th centuries and blossoming with the extraordinary industrial boom of the 1960s. Today, the district encompasses eleven municipalities in the Province of Udine. One of these municipalities is San Vito al Torre, where Costantini Pietro has thrived for over a century.

Three Generations of

Genuine Made in Italy

Costantini Pietro is still rooted and operates in the land that witnessed its first start in 1922. To this day, it is here that it continues to design and manufacture chairs, tables, and home decor elements that appeal to international clients looking for authentic Made in Italy products.

Shape, function, and aesthetics: for Costantini Pietro, belonging to the Chair-Making District means carrying forward a legacy of expertise that dates back a century and the ability to craft complex designs with speed and precision while nurturing a passion for timeless beauty that captivates and endures over time.


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