Costantini Pietro presents the Roger sofa and the Peggy showcase: innovative materials to rediscover the pleasure of relaxing

Take a moment to relax with us. Let’s take a seat on the Roger sofa, designed for Costantini Pietro by Studio Spessotto. A sofa for total comfort whose construction method allows perfect seat adjustment. Let’s admire the combination of innovative materials that makes it unique, yet suitable for any environment. A sofa but not only that: let’s take a look at Peggy, a vintage-style showcase for your bar corner, inspired by another era, a world in which time passed more slowly and people could afford the luxury of taking a moment to relax with friends.
Two products which remind us that design exists to improve the quality of our lives and that the living room is indeed a space for living in, where we can escape daily life for a moment.
And now let’s listen to what Stefano

Spessotto has to say about the concept behind the Roger sofa and Peggy showcase.

Enjoy the video! ⬇️