Costantini Pietro presents the new General Catalog 2024

From an extraordinary land, a design known across the globe

Costantini Pietro’s new general catalog is the perfect ally for designers, supporting them in crafting the most distinctive interior design creations. It is a comprehensive tool that, right from the first pages, allows one to grasp the potential of every product. From chairs to tables, storage furniture, and accessories, the Italian style unfolds in a fundamental narrative of aesthetics and function.

Three complementary styles for consistently harmonious designs

The new Costantini Pietro catalog introduces three ideal styles that share strong features and, simultaneously, are characterized by a distinct personality achieved through contrasts in volume, color choices, and original combinations.

Villa Desideria

The delicate nuances of Villa Desideria bring out the smooth and well-defined shapes achieved with high-quality materials and great attention to detail.

Villa Essentia

Villa Essentia focuses on rational geometries that can accurately balance solid structures, vibrant colors, and exclusive workmanship.

Villa Luce

An innovative interpretation of “natural” characterizes Villa Luce, allowing elements with linear and welcoming shapes to become the focal point of the interior space.

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