Costantini Pietro finds inspiration in Pop Art for a colourful new living room style.

Having a history going back almost a hundred years means knowing how to refresh our ideas, understanding customer needs and turning them into products that stay up to date and are true to our quality standards.

That’s how Costantini Pietro operates. The Friulian company has been producing furniture for the living area since 1922, with distinctive creative design, precise detailing, material quality and superb craftsmanship further enhanced nowadays by important innovative manufacturing techniques using multiple materials, first and foremost wood, always a key feature of Costantini products.

Carefully studied design and materials, Made in Italy, simplicity, modern elegance and original style.

These are the key features of the 2020 collection, designed by Giorgio Soressi whose source of inspiration for creating the Portofino and Treasure models was Pop Art.

Pop is the adjective that Portofino‘s design brings to mind. The eye-catching front, customized with three coloured semi-circular polycarbonate inlays, creates an unusual design effect. The striking contrast between the polycarbonate on the front and side panel with the lacquered surface of the horizontal surfaces is accentuated by the choice of colour matches. Portofino’s design concept is minute detail and achieving perfectly-balanced form, and the clear polycarbonate bases add a further flourish of absolute lightness that completes the overall look and balances out the strikingly bold identity of this piece.

Solid and open volumes, horizontal and vertical, create visual interest. This is the Treasure showcase, with a flap door and two doors set beside a tall unit. The key element in this elegant piece is the polycarbonate used in the tall unit.

Two perfect pieces for a modern, eye-catching living area.