Costantini Pietro style at Design Shanghai 2020

The sleek, elegant style of Costantini Pietro products is capturing the heart of China.

An exclusive selection from the 2020 collection was on show at Design Shanghai 2020, one of the most prestigious and well-known international design shows, eagerly awaited throughout Asia.

The key pieces on show at Design Shanghai 2020 were the Jetset table, Calipso chair and Noble console table, products that wholly represent the creative design, meticulous attention to detail and Made in Italy quality of Costantini Pietro.

The Jetset table dominates the scene with its harmonious composition and the colours of the two materials used. There is a novel use of ceramic as the top and base, masterfully framed in wood, the key material in Costantini collections. A luxurious combination of materials and colours is made all the more distinctive by sleek contours in a vision of refined elegance.

The Calipso chair shares the same sleek design and precise style, presented here in the version with an upholstered backrest in a soft, comfortable curve that embraces and cocoons the shape of your body.

The minimal style of the display is completed by the Noble console table, created with different thicknesses and curved lines that give this piece of furniture a light, dynamic appearance.