Costantini Pietro and Murano glass: the detail that makes the difference

Sophisticated detail and opulent materials. The Costantini Pietro collection is enhanced with precious details in Murano glass which perfectly partner the elegant, refined style of the furniture, demonstrating a love of Made in Italy.

Careful use of this brilliant accessory produces true works of art for the dining and living area.

Cool Table
The Murano glass and steel used for the sculptural base create sophisticated glimmering light that makes the Cool table a true centrepiece in the dining area.

Fenice table
The luxurious detail of this base created out of stainless steel columns and Murano glass makes Fenice a veritable masterpiece of Italian craftsmanship.

A sumptuous focus of attention for the dining area. The Pasha table is distinctive with its luxurious base whose original combination of forms and materials brings light and dynamic energy to every living space.

Refined Murano glass and the simple look of steel are emphasised by clean yet sumptuous forms. The Royal table dazzles with the excellence of the craftsmanship which shows off its luxurious nature.

Ambassador Buffet
Square contours and simple design for this buffet with its distinctive contrasts created by the combination of wood fronts, coloured lacquer structure and luxurious round Murano glass legs, the product of the most sophisticated Italian craftsmanship.