Bridging East and West Becomes Possible

A Design that Celebrates Time-Honored Symbols and Traditions

Stefano Spessotto’s collection for Costantini Pietro embodies the harmonious blend of Eastern and Western elements, bringing close together cultures that may appear so far apart.

Embracing the venerable Chinese lacquer work technique on fine wood pays homage to this shared heritage without sacrificing the practicality of contemporary interior furnishings.

The shapes and proportions are emblematic: they are inspired by the Paifang gate and the circle — a symbol regarded in Chinese philosophy as representing the all – encompassing sky.

A Temple-Inspired Table

The Charlie table artfully merges geometric shapes—the rectangle and the circle—while resting on legs that remind of the stately pillars of a temple, with the option to customize them in leather or fabric. Expertly crafted, the tabletop boasts an impressive size, reaching up to three meters in length.

The Soft Embrace of the Emily Chair

The Emily chair embodies a gentle gesture with its curvy beech wood frame. Its combined seat and back provide great comfort and spacious seating, effortlessly integrating into diverse interiors. The slender and tapered legs are a nod to the elegance of Shanghai chopsticks.

An All-encompassing and Straightforward Sideboard

The modern shape of a traditional sideboard meets the circle formed by the two circular handles. Juliet is a reinterpreted sideboard featuring clear and iconic shapes even in the details, such as the customizable upholstered panel added to the lower portion of the furniture piece.

Stefano Spessotto

As an art director specializing in Industrial Design, Graphic Design, and Interior Design, Stefano Spessotto partners with leading companies in the furnishing sector, crafting products that narrate stories. Stefano’s work is distinguished by his creativity, adaptability, reliability, and human empathy.

Watch Stefano Spessotto’s video for Costantini Pietro here.



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