Beechwood: the sovereign wood of Costantini Pietro chairs

Costantini Pietro selects only beechwood from certified forests to make its chairs.

Beechwood is a versatile wood, strong and flexible, so it is perfect for producing many forms of furniture. Costantini Pietro crafts the finest pieces of design furniture with its expert use of this wood.


The compass design of the back legs gives this chair a dynamic, contemporary feel. The solid beechwood structure of the Flamingo chair blends comfort and design to create a unique piece of complementary furniture.


A chair that shows off all the characteristic features of beechwood with the curved and horizontal slats of the unusual backrest. Charm offers an enchanting modern contrast between the upholstered seat and the wooden legs on which it sits.

Four Seasons

A modern design with timeless elegance for this luxurious chair with expertly designed details. Four Seasons combines essential design and regal character creating a truly glamorous effect.


A solid beechwood chair structure with striking, balanced proportions and elegant craftsmanship. The unusual, finely-crafted backrest design gives the Allusion chair a sense of substance and depth.