An op art effect in furniture design with the Icon table and Club chair.

Black and white. Two opposite colours capable of creating a magnificent visual balance.

Such is the case in this stunningly elegant combination of two essential models in the Costantini Pietro collection: the Icon table and Club chair.

These two furniture elements sharing an elegance, uniqueness and beautiful design, lending a vibrant and appealing atmosphere to the room.

The main feature in the dining room is the Icon table with its distinctive base of gleaming steel ellipses which accentuate the reflected light. The slender top adds a touch of lightness to the overall look.

The Club chair is a solid wood structure covered with a buttoned upholstery seat and backrest and is decorated with elegant metal inserts at the base of the front legs.

Both elements can be customized with the most luxurious materials, the combination of which will create the right result for every design solution.